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Let it Snow, Let it Snow , Let it Snow!

As Winter approaches, I am often asked how our alpacas fair when it snows. My response is,they love it! Our alpacas don't seem to mind the snow around here. I often look out and see them cushed out in the open with inches of snow on their back and top knot!
By this time of year their fleece has grown enough to protect them and keep them warm and dry. I am amazed when I part their fleece and they are completely dry and warm at the skin. When they get up off the ground there is always a melt

Special Guests Visit the Farm

Cedar Creek Alpacas had two very special visitors this week. Jackie and Karla came all the way from the East. Jackie from West Virginia and Karla from Tennessee. They came to visit the town where Jackie was born in 1934. She was a very special baby, weighing less than 15 oz when she was born! Yes I said 15 oz! She was so small she could lay in the hand of the nurse that took care of her. Visiting our area was on Jackie's bucket list and her daughter, Karla made that dream come true.
I firs

Max Offers Christmas Kisses

Our kissing alpaca is at it again. Kissing the ladies, children and even Santa!
Friday the 14th of December was Girls Night Out in Stevenson Washington and Cedar Creek Alpacas was a guest at the local newspaper. I guess you could say we have an "in" at the paper since I work part time there.
Many folks in town have heard about Max the Kissing Alpaca so we decided he could help greet visitors with Santa.
Max got to work right away with an adorable little one that came for a visit

The Tiny Joys of Raising Alapcas

My most favorite part of raising alpacas is sharing them with others. This week has been filled with that joy!
We had a tiny visitor yesterday. A two year old named Hayden that had no fear of the alpacas or our other farm critters. To me that is unusual. Most of our tiny visitors are afraid of these big fuzzy creatures.
What is great is that my alpacas are so curious about the little kids. I think they can sense that they are something special!
Hayden insisted on calling them l

Cedar's Maximilian - A Star Is Born!

Our Cedars Maximilian has proven to be quite the little star! We spent this last weekend at the CABA Classic Alpaca Show in Portland Oregon. We took Max and his buddy Bentley to show and had such a wonderful time.
Max was born to be a little star! From the time he hit the ground he has been a curious little fellow and has become quite the lover!
This entire weekend he would stick that sweet little head out the pen and demand that you take notice.

Hey you! Come here and gi

The Fantastic Five

This past Fall was a very busy one. We had five cria born within one month. I have to say it has been one adventure after another with these five fuzzy little ones.
Our first cria that was born was from our Lovely Ballerina Moon and she gave us our first girl of the year. Her name is Gabrielle. We call her gabby for short. She is our shy girl that prefers to stay close to mom. Catching her is always a challenge. She has her mothers size being over 70 pounds at 4 months old. Her sire is The

December Snow Day

We had a little snow on the ground when we got up this morning. I was very surprised to see all of the alpacas tucked inside the barns. Usually I find them cushed in the snow, especially Amorette! It was so beautiful this morning, quite the winter wonderland. I took the opportunity to take some snowy photos. The snow was still coming down and made for a fun photo shoot!
It is so much fun to see the cria get all excited about getting out to run in the snow and to chase each other. The moms h

Our First Snow of the Season

Today was our first snow of the season. It is always so much fun to watch the cria get all excited to see their first snow. I unfortunately had to work all day and missed seeing all the big flakes. But when I got home we still had a few inches and a little daylight. I took a few photos of the cria playing the decided I better get busy and get the chores done before it was completely dark. Alan works for a tire company so being the first snowfall they were slammed and super busy which meant that

Babies make for a very busy week!

Well since my last blog we have had three more babies! Friday September 9th we had a beautiful black male cria. He is absolutely beautiful and is so personable! We have named him Maximilian. This little guy will come right up to us and give us alpaca kisses. There is nothing better than alpaca kisses!
His dam is CCR Pearla a true black girl that is very friendly as well. His sire is Wileys Bravado. He is a very macho grey boy.
Two days later our sweet girl Lacey "Queens Lace" had a be

A New Cria On The Farm!

It has been a very long Summer waiting for our first cria to be born. Seeing all of my fellow breeders across the country welcoming in their new cria since Spring has been fun and we are finally experiencing the fun here on our farm.
This past Tuesday September 6th our Ballerina Moon gave birth to a beautiful girl! Her delivery was perfect and Moon was a strong girl this year unlike her experience last year with her first birth. Last year she seemed so confused about what was happening to h


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