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Max Offers Christmas Kisses

Max meets Santa
Hmmm, this tree looks good enough to eat!

Hmmm, this tree looks good enough to eat!

Our kissing alpaca is at it again. Kissing the ladies, children and even Santa!
Friday the 14th of December was Girls Night Out in Stevenson Washington and Cedar Creek Alpacas was a guest at the local newspaper. I guess you could say we have an "in" at the paper since I work part time there.
Many folks in town have heard about Max the Kissing Alpaca so we decided he could help greet visitors with Santa.
Max got to work right away with an adorable little one that came for a visit with her mom and grandma.
Though the young girl loved Max she wasn't so sure about Santa. Poor Santa.
Many people of all ages came through just to see Max. He was a hit!
After a while Max got a bit restless so we went for a walk on the town to visit the businesses downtown. Our first stop was Robbies Coffee Shop. Max was very interested in her board outside the shop. Robbie enjoyed her short visit with him.
Next stop was Bloomsbury, a lovely flower shop that also has many wonderful gifts. Max was invited in and had a little tour of the store. The resident cat didn't appreciate the visit but the shoppers loved it and took photos with their phones! Max actually climbed 5 stairs to the upper level to say hello to shoppers up there. The only problem was when we decided to leave from that level he had to go down two stairs and he was not too happy about that! He needed a little help from me. I have to admit I as a little surprised since he went up so easily but maybe it was because it was dark outside and he was just not too sure.
Next stop was A. Boutique. A nice clothing store. Max received very nice compliments on his fleece being so soft and that he wasn't even dirty. Well, he is a black alpaca. Black hides that dirt well!
It was time to head back to the newspaper office to deliver more kisses.
Max liked our office Christmas tree. Such a curious boy.
We love Max and feel blessed to have good PR boy so we can share our love of alpacas with the public!

Stay tuned for more of Max's adventures!